Persuasive Essay 

While it is said that police officers are some of the heroes in our nation I strongly agree that Police officers use too much force when it comes to the public because they abuse their power , they aren’t keen to rationally solve most civilian matters and the training they have been through to become a police officer isn’t molding them to carry out their jobs efficiently and correctly.

Still given their credibility, Police officers still abuse their power. This can be achieved through means of personal gains.It can start of as simple as skipping food lines made up of dozens of other individuals to abusing others just because of the stripes on their arms.Police Corruption is one of the major reasons that’s corruption prevails. Studies have shown that thousands of police officers were arrested for the importation and exportation of narcotics.This goes to show that the term “wolves in sheep’s clothing” actually exists.Further more these people also indulge in corruption when they receive bribes from criminals that should be locked up. They drive around the streets preying on innocent people threatening them with fines or jail time when their job is to protect and serve. Time and time again we’ve heard on the news of police finding millions of dollars, Do you really think they turn it all in?

    Secondly, these people aren’t equipped to dispute civil matters. How can they if there is a global problem where these people slay and scapegoat innocent people for crimes they’ve never committed. This can be seen even when trying to detain and arrest someone. Now tell me , If your son or daughter is complying with an officer and the officer insists your child is resisting arrest and slams them into the car or tases them do you think it is just? Would you still feel that it is reasonable if it were your own flesh and blood? I’ve learnt that these people are cold hearted and sadistic just from the way they treat they people that they were meant to protect and help.

    Lastly, the training these people have went through to become an officer hasn’t instilled anything about being humane. They do a program for a total of three to six months with non stop drilling , body exercises, recitation of the hand book , lectures and exams to carry out their job but to no avail they make room for dereliction. Its unfortunate that you train someone for so long trying to mold them only to bring disgrace to and organization of such high standards. For those who aren’t caught just bandwagon the rookies to follow in their footsteps to gain an extra dollar. If you were taught how to do something how do you stray away. Notice I’ve repeatedly said “these people” this because of my distaste in their ad infinitum behavior toward their fellow man. They aren’t superior to us because they are “the law”  so they shouldn’t use their badges against us to justify the painful battering  given to us.

    On the other hand others may say that it is a necessity for officers to use excessive force with the public because it is the public that poses a threat or endangers their lives . It is said some departments encourage officers to use excessive force and can even be rewarded for doing so.They are rewarded for violent behavior against suspects maybe even end others lives when they feel threatened or their own lives are endangered.While this can be justified in most cases there is still a way in which you should handle situations when lives are at risk.Overall this it is not logical to end a life we are just like you family and all as you may ultimately lose your job or receive back lash.

    To briefly paraphrase police officers use too much force when it comes to the public because they abuse their power, they rationally solve civil matters and the training isn’t efficient to produce hardworking and devoted officers.