Imagine your house was broken into and the only thing it seemed thieves wanted were the trophies you worked so hard to get? This is exactly what happened to me and prompted my family to relocate. Why would someone think of doing such a deed, baffles me!  But I am reminded that even though people might destroy your possessions, they can never destroy your spirit. 

            When I was younger we lived on a farm.  Although there was no running water, and electricity, it taught me how to be happy with the simple things in life.  In 2009 when I wanted to bathe, my mother and my siblings would travel a good distance to get water from a neighboring well.  Although to some, this may have been a harsh way to live, I feel grateful for this experience!  There was never a day I wasn’t able to clean myself.  I also spent a lot of quality time with my siblings. And this made us very close.  Thank God every day for my family! 

                        As a teenager, so often we allow our hormones to direct our behavior. And because of the chemical imbalance, we sometimes make bad decision. It’s only in hindsight that we realize that the left turn we made contributed to what may have happened to us.  Feeling immense disappointment in oneself, and feeling as though you have let your mother down is a heavy burden to carry.  In junior school I experience all of this.          However, when I transitioned to Senior High School, I promised myself that I would be a role model for my younger sisters and that I would encourage the young men I came in contact with, to treat the young ladies they encountered, the way they would treat their sisters.   This situation empowered me and made me fearless in the face of other challenges which came my way in senior high school.

            In 2015, I joined the drama club.  As a result of pursuing drama, my love for the art form has deepened.  Because of my diverse life experiences, I have been able to apply these to the various roles, I have played.  I find drama very interesting because it gives me a safe place to experiment with different character roles.  When I come out of a role, I then can go back to being Shekinah Moncur and there is no judgement. 

            As a result of coming to ___________ highs school, I also became more immersed in contemporary ballet.  To me, ballet is a stress reliever.  I have also grown as a dancer because my instructor Mr. Robert Bain is well versed in the history of many of the dance forms and he insistent that we know them as well.  At the beginning, I had great difficulty keeping my leg straight when I was doing the “Fondu”; however, two years later my legs are straight and my joints are a million times more flexible.  I am so proud of my growth as a dance student. 

            My exceptional talent in dance contributed to an invitation being extended for me to participate in the Artsea dance program founded by Courtney Celeste Spears.  As a result of participating in this program, I rubbed shoulders with experts of various dance disciplines.  This experience made me realize that I was not the only black person who had a passion for dance and wanted to pursue a career in it.  It motivated me to keep on the path that I was on. 

            The relationship I share with Jehovah God has been a stabilizing force in my life and because of this, I have been able to rise above all of life’s challenges.  Shekinah Moncur is a lion ready for a scholarship opportunity in dance at Flagler College.  From the dance floor, I am fierce and hungry for victory.  I practice like I have won and perform like I never have.