College Essay Sample

D. Burrows


            At the age of five I discovered I had a passion for helping others.  My aunt, who is a clinical nurse today was the catalyst for my decision to become a nurse.  Her hardworking, and dedicated nature has been solely responsible for the path I am about to embark on. 

            My heart is set on Canada not only because of their pay scale but because I know they are looking for young professionals who are passionate about quality health care.

            Currently, I am senior at Nobel Prepatory Academy where I am pursuing electives in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. I enjoy Biology immensely because I love learning about the body and how it how functions.  Sometimes I wish students had the option of solely focusing on their areas of interest.  Unfortunately, this is not the case and this is why I believe my time at the College of The Bahamas will be so much more fulfilling.

            Weekly I conduct Sunday school classes with young children.  When I first started it was very difficult to keep order and control. As time passed and I got to know the various students, I enjoyed leading Sunday school classes.  Because of my leadership, I have been a positive encouragement to girls in the neighborhood.  Many of them now attend Sunday school regularly and even volunteer to teach. 

            At school I also serve on the leadership board.  I obtained the position as a result of maintaining high grades and displaying school spirit.  I brought life to my environment and as a result I was nominated Deputy Head girl.

            Respect for others is one of the core values I can vividly remember being taught by my mother.  When I was younger I could vividly recall an accident that happened at home. My cousin who was always very mischievous struck Ms. Judy our neighbor with a bone in her head.  Instead of apologizing as my parents taught me to do, we both laughed.  When my mother came home, disappointed she gave us a good tongue lashing and whipping.  Seeing the look of disappointment on my mother’s face saddened me and made me promise to treat those who were much older than me with respect.

            Although it is common to hear, honesty is the best policy, I learned that honesty could cause you to lose a friend.  I could distinctly recall one day being summoned to the office.  The principal wanted me to testify against my friend that I was a witness to the fact that he was in possession of his cell phone and was using it when he should not have been.  I did not want to tell on my friend and neither did I want to lie to the principal.  Because I told the principal the truth, my friend stopped speaking to me for days.  Although, we resumed our friendship, I learned that telling the truth isn’t always the easiest thing to do. 

            Overall, the training I have received from my parents, and teachers have gotten me to this point.  I am proud of my accomplishments and as I embark on my new journey as a college student, I know the best is yet to come.