Don Rolle

Admissions Essay


What is life without motivation.  Without motivation I believe I would have never lived to see a black male president.  Without motivation, I believe a lot more boys would lost to drugs, and crime.  I chose to stay motivated because it is the difference between life and death.  Life is realizing my fullest potential and death means living life one day to the next. 


Because I am motivated,  I would like to pursue a career in Accounting.  I believe that this is the career for me because from the 7th grade to now I have been enrolled in accounting classes primarily.  From the 6th grade, I knew this was what God had put me on this earth to do.  As a result of having a cousin who works at an accounting firm, I developed an interests in Accounting.  Although he is 8 years older than I am, he has had a very positive influence on me.  He explained to me that it is a well paying job and it is not very difficult to do. 

I smiled when he said this because from the 6th grade I have loved numbers.  So when the opportunity came for me to decide on a career my first choice was accounting.  More specifically I want to be a C.P.A.


In order to obtain this goal, a good education is the engine that drives everything in life.  People are constantly asking you to tell them about your examination performance or the type of G.P.A you have.  Very often they  are inquiring about your S.A.T results.  Because you are constantly bombarded with this question, I believe you would be setting yourself up for failure to not have some degree of education in this world.


I believe that having leadership skills is another key to being successful in life.   A good leader is one who is knowledge in his/her field.  It is important that even after you would have completed your studies, you continue to upgrade themselves through either attending courses oversees or just reading new material printed or published in one’s chosen field.   Additionally, it is important to believe in yourself.   Because in so doing you can accomplish anything no matter how tall or big the stumbling block.  Finally, successful people surround themselves with positive people.  By doing this you will not stray away from your goals and dreams. 


Because many of the young men today are growing up in very violent environments, I want to develop a mentoring program that would be designed to  give them the needed support and guidance they are lacking.  I know that I will not be able to save everyone but a journey it is said begins with a single step.  This step is my special way of being apart of the solution and not the problem. 

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