Comprehension Skills


  1. paraphrase- breakdown, put in own words

  2. sequencing- putting into the correct order

  3. main idea-  the overall point of a story, paragraph or sentence

  4. Cause and effect-  the reason why something is happening, the consequences of an                                     action

  5. Point of view-  the angle a story is being told from e.g 1st, 2nd or 3rd person

  6. Compare and contrast- similarities or differences

  7. Figurative and Literal Language-  the use of colorful language/ dictionary meaning

  8. Sequence- the order of events

  9. Drawing conclusions- making an assumption based on information given and                                                   experiences

  10. Context Clues- using surrounding words to help you figure out the meaning of a word. 

  11. Summarize-  make it shorter

  12. Tone- the sound of written or spoken language e.g I work so hard to put a roof over

                        your head and you bring these grades home.  (disgusted tone)

13. Facts and opinions- research, your personal view on a topic