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At academia masters we believe that supporting teachers is just as important as supporting students.  We have tons of lessons plans for college students on teaching practice. 
Young Teacher

Lesson plans

University of The Bahamas

A great beginning to a future that is endless

Apply to the University of The  Bahamas today.   It is a great starting point for students leaving high school who may need a little more time to mature.      Tuition is around 7,100 per annum.  By comparison to  major universities in the U.S.A, Canada & Great Britain, U.B is indeed a penny saver. Begin you journey at the University of The Bahamas today.  Careers in teaching, nursing, business, banking, agriculture, I.T are only a click away.  Graduates of UB are making a difference throughout the public and private sectors. Why don't you?



Quality calculators for quality students.  In college or in high school. Let us support your educational journey. Order one from us.  

Emergency Lightbulb

Reduce your electric bill with a rechargeable bulbs. Never sleep in the dark again.  

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