Paraphrase Step 

Step 1:   Underline the important ideas.

Step 2:   Next, write synonyms for the underlined words in the sentence. 

Step  3:  Last, incorporate the new words in your rewrite.


1.  Perry Christie warned senior public servants that the Bahamas is in one of the most difficult and challenging economic periods in its history.


Paraphrase Example 

Perry Christie advised Government workers that the financial hardships the Bahamas is currently experiencing is the worst of its kind. 


2.  The Prime Minister warned that it will cost money for the government to introduce its new initiatives to maintain law and order.  [2]




3.  During the budget debate Mr. Christie spoke about being optimistic that there can be  a turn around in the economy.  [2]




4.  Dr. Patterson said, other challenges to the administration of justice in sexual assault cases include getting cases tried in a timely manner, and treating victims with sensitivity.  [2]