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Preston Hanna- The artist


Bahamian born Preston Hanna is revitalizing the artistic landscape through his socially conscious, multidisciplinary approach to Bahamian Art. His bold colors and distinctive strokes are a snapshot of how Bahamian culture has evolved to encompass our indigenous people, Africa and all that is uniquely Bahamian. Hanna’s depiction of Bahamian themes and motifs is a reminder that beauty is not always demure and in need of affirmation but can be bold, secure, modern and inclusive.

Through Hanna’s inclusive philosophy and multidisciplinary approach his art commands our attention. We are inspired by his seamlessly movement between the visual art, and choreography. He excites his audience by his capacity to relate to them. But we admire him more for unabashedly leaving his heart on the canvas. This young, dynamic artist has earned his place in the annals of Bahamian art history and today we are here to celebrate our son of the soil--Mr. Preston Hanna, the artistic door to a NEW BAHAMAS!


How does this fresh, Bahamian innovator achieve his unique artistic look? Layering is the bedrock for establishing Preston’s distinctiveness. An assortment of bright colors that awaken the layers and images. Then, this 21st century artist uses color blocking to emphasize the focal point of the subject matter. Preston’s canvas images explode as a result of more layering and silicone acrylic pouring. In the final stages of his artistic symphony, he incorporates a hammering technique onto the piece. To complete the process, this master uses a weaving, string technique to outline and shade specific areas. For those who have not had an important to see Mr. Hanna in action, we do hope you get the chance! His jaw-dropping perforex, striking and inspiring.


Anyone can wield power! What shall we do with our power? This is the question. For the moment, I wish to influence you beyond that mountain of despair we maybe facing. This Minute. This Day. This Month. This year! On each canvas there is a moment I hold dear. Hold fast to those moments; for they represent my unique message to you. They shall move you up the mountain. To your dreams!

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