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Because crime is on the rise in The Bahamas, there is a heavier police presence in strategic parts of the Bahamas.  For instance, police officer can be seen on foot patrols in many areas like Bain Town, Foxhill, Chippingham and Nassau Village. The presence of the police in these communities is one method the Urban Renewal program is using to discourage criminal activity.  Another benefit of having officers engage in walkabouts throughout the community is it gives many of the residents an opportunity to get to know the officers and vice versa. This exchange helps to establish a bond between the police and the community.  Without a doubt, people living in these areas can feel safer and a higher degree of confidence in the police. 

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Sadly, there are many unfortunate people in this world.  Some are so unfortunate that they are unable to feed themselves.  Although, they are tangled in a web of poverty, the Urban Renewal program attempts to provide for such people.  This organization welcomes them with open arms.  However, if this organization is going to continue to provide for the less fortunate, they need support from corporate citizens.  Perhaps, they can host community concerts whereby students in the program perform skits, sing songs and do dances at a cost.  The money that is raised could go to helping the needy and help to expand the services offered by Urban Renewal. 

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Not only does the Urban Renewal program benefit the poor, but it strives to influence our youth.  Our youth are an important part of any society because they represent our future. How does the program benefit our young people?  Firstly, they host clubs like the ladies club which is designed to teach our girls how to be prim and proper.  For our guys, they discipline them so that they learn to control themselves and be respectable men.  They learn various drilling techniques as a Defense force or prison officer would.  This kind of training is very important because children lack discipline and home training today.  By teaching inner city kids, the Urban Renewal program one community at a time is reducing the threat of violence among our teens. 

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This dynamic social outreach program also encourages adults to step up and become leaders in their community.  The inner city is in need of role models; people who are ready to make a difference despite the challenges.  We need more people to take a stand and decide that this is my country and I will help change it for the better.  The Urban Renewal is just the beginning.


Come on and do your part to make this a better Bahamas.  Let us join hands with Urban Renewal to fight crime, to develop more responsible young people and create more role models. Come and be apart of the change.

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