Adolescents should be tried as Adults 

          Would you as a parent be okay with your adolescent being tried as an adult?  I strongly disagree that adolescents who have committed serious crimes should be tried as adults. This should not be allowed because if convicted they may suffer abuse, they do not have a fully developed brain and these adolescents may just be a victim of their environment.
          To begin, When there are youth in the adult cell blocks, they face a higher risk of sexual and mental abuse, along with physical assault. Adult inmates may see these young, timid adolescents being mixed in an environment with them and think “mhmm fresh bait.” These kids may be easier to take advantage of because they are naïve and may keep quiet about being touched inappropriately or injured by an inmate or prison guard because they may see these adults as their superior. It is far too common where youth in our justice system suffer abuse while under the responsibility of our government because they are forced to be among actual jailbirds who are convicted of serious felonies. This is one of the main reasons why adolescents should not be tried as adults.
          Another reason why I feel as though adolescents should not be tried as adults is because their brain has not yet been fully-developed. The human brain is not yet fully developed until the age of 25. Therefore, an adolescents mental development is not at its peak and they do not fully grasp what is morally right or wrong. They may have committed the serious crime based on living in the moment, peer pressure or just mischievousness rather than intent.

          Being a victim of their environment may be another reason why a adolescent should not be tried as an adult. E. A. Bucchianeri once said, “Evil influence is like a nicotine patch, you cannot help but absorb what sticks to you.” I feel like the environment that a child is brought up in plays a pivotal role in deciding the decisions they will make in their lives. An adolescent may have committed such a heinous felony because this is what they have been introduced to base off the environment they grew up in. In this case, I would consider this child a victim of their environment.
          Finally, I disagree with the statement “adolescents who commit serious crimes should be tried as adults” because if convicted, these kids may be exposed to abuse, their brain is not yet fully developed to make moral decisions that come will such serious consequences and these kids may just be a victim of their environment.