What is a Thesis Sentence:   

Rules for writing the Thesis

1. Include a part of the topic e.g Crime in The Bahamas

2. Use one of the following words like: because, by, is, as a result, are, that

3. Include at least three discussion points

4. Use at least one sentence 

                                                                      Sample Thesis Sentence 1


The Urban Renewal program is attacking crime at the root, by giving financial support to families,  developing adult community leaders and increasing police presence in the inner city. 

Activity 1  

                                                          Editing and revising Thesis Statements


                                                                                Worksheet 1

 Description:  Using the given steps revise each thesis below.  

                                                                                    Thesis 1

This essay will look at some of the causes and solutions of crime in the Bahamas. 


Step 1:  Identify three causes of crime

Three causes of crime are:

  1. poverty

  2. peer pressure

  3. _____________________________


A  third cause of crime is:   (a). envy  (c). guns  (b). the police:


  1. _________________________    (write your answer on the line provided)


                                 Thesis 2 

Three solutions to crime are:


  1. Tougher penalties

  2. Eradicate poverty

  3. ________________________


A third solution to crime is: (a).   (b). increase the salary of the police   (c).   


Directions:  Rewrite thesis 1  using the rules provided.  


New and improved Thesis 1






Directions:  Rewrite thesis 2  using the rules provided.  


Independent Practice: 

Thesis 3


I think high schools should have dances to make money and to give the students a break.


Two reasons why schools should have fun day are:


  1. ________________


  1. _________________


  1. _________________   (give a third reason) 


Directions:  Rewrite thesis two in a sentence.





New and improved thesis






Thesis 3


During hurricane season and thunderstorms buildings flood and the rooves gets damaged. 


Two Effects of Hurricanes are:


1.  ________________________


2. _________________________


3.  __________________________  (identify a third effect of Hurricanes and thunderstorms)

New and improved thesis