Modes of Communication Essay 



Communication happens every minute of the day.  Alot of communication is done unconsciously due to the fact that much of our communication is happening non verbally. Communication or the lack thereof can seriously hamper our relationships so lets take a deeper dive into communication and examine the various modes.


First of communication can be written, formal and informal. In the shakespearean days people would write letters to communicate their love and affection for each other. This kind of written communication was valued and was the bloodline for many.  Today, young lovers use text messages as a form of written communication to expresses ideas and feelings. Text messages unlike written messages are cheaper and faster.


     When your parents  "receive a legal notice from the bank, to pay an outstanding loan this is another example of written but formal communication.  This form of communication is slower and more expensive because ink and paper must be used. Also it relies on a post office for delivery.


Formal communication forms the core of our professional lives (though not all professional communication is formal). For example, when we form whatsapp groups and members of a company communicate throughout the day via text messages this is considered informal- formal communication. Although staff members are texting, they wouldnt think about posting pictures of themselves in a swimsuit or of them kissing a boyfriend or a girlfriend or worst a nude photo. Everyone does their endeavor to keep the whatsapp group chat professional.

Oral communication is one of the oldest and easiest forms of communication. Before paper was invented people communicated through word of mouth. They had to remember long messages and this is how they keep their history alive. Some cultures though have lost a great deal of their history as result of never writing anything down. During a meeting at many large companies Oral communication plays an important role in getting information out swiftly. It also reduces paper wastage.


What about non-verbal comunication? Perhaps this is the most important of all.  It includes facial expressions, posture, eye contact, hand movements, and touch. Through these cues people can tell a great deal about us. In the dating world a smile is considered an open invitation for a guy to come over and talk to you while a serious face says dont bother because you’re not my type.  Or if the guy you like never gives you eye contact- just know he is probably not that into you. So non-verbal communication can tell us loads about a person’s thoughts and feelings.

Visual communication is the act of using photographs, art, drawings, sketches, charts and graphs to convey information. Because people have different learning styles, visual communication is more helpful in helping some students retain important information. What would the world look like without pictures to hang on your wall in your house? Quite bland. 

     All in all, these different forms of communication add color to our lives.  Communication is the spice of life. So learn to be good at it!

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