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Stop the violence and increase the peace!  With the high incident of murder and thirteen to Fourteen year old students are now being sentenced to life in prison, these words seems to be falling to deaf ears. The Bahamas appears to be as Will Smith sings, “The Wild Wild West!”  Our nation needs to wake up! The factors that are influencing an increase in crime are bad parenting, video games, and the lack of education. 


Firstly, because parents do not take the time to groom their children like a lady or men showing them love and affection.  Kids end up wondering the streets like a potcake looking for love in all the wrong places.  What happened to teaching children how to respect your elders? Why are parents spearing the rod?  The bible says, “spear the rod, spoil the child.” There is no longer fear in the home.  Babies are now having babies.  My father always taught me, “what happens at home goes abroad.  Too many young people are straying to gangs because they are looking for love. Parents love your children and pour love into your children. Push them to do positive things.  Maybe if we had more parents fulfilling their duties as a parent, the crime rate wouldn’t be so high. 

            Secondly, everything you watch someone is being murdered.  It seems like video games and T.v shows are contaminating the minds of people in our society. LMN is a network that actually features movies where individuals learn how to deal with abuse; these movies no longer have happy endings; In fact its more like Sally kills her ex-husband and throws him in the river.  Of course, she gets away with it! Video games are now increasing in violence.  It seems like the more violence you have the more people want this product.  For example, black spie is a game that many teenage boys spend time and energy playing.  Their minds are being programmed to violent actions.  When these young men are faced with a problem, the only thing in their minds is violence.  If someone killed a member of their family, they believe revenge is the only reasonable response to their problem.  Forgiveness is thrown out of the window.  Can’t you see?  We are loosing all our young men to crime! Now they are trying to give transgender rights.  Our young men will be like the government water pressure, low.  Parents, filter the shows your children watch.  Encourage them to watch educational shows that will benefit them in the long run. 

            Lastly, students are being fooled, like Alexander Ingraham would say, “you are being bamboozled.”  

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