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Does size matter?

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Does size matter? Looking up to a man when it is time to hug or kiss him has always been my ideal. On the converse, if a man is shorter than I am, my thoughts are would he be strong enough for me? Now granted tall does not always mean strong but the size advantage gives the perception that the man has the capacity to guard the cave from the lions or snakes and other creepy crawly things that make us holla and jump to the couch.

So if size does play a psychological factor in attraction should a man be disqualified in the initial phase of meeting him if he is short? Perhaps you may say isn't this just shallow! The Elite daily quoted author Dobson as saying "both men and women judge a tall female on first sight as more intelligent and ambitious." These initial impressions make a taller woman seem more powerful. Research suggests though that a number of men may not find a more intelligent and ambitious woman desirable for the simple fact that the traditional man seems to thrive in an environment where he is the ultimate authority. And the thought of being with a woman who could challenge his decision is a turn off.

So, a tall man with a short woman is more ideal. A study from Rice University and the University of North Texas revealed that 55% of female respondents preferred being the shorter partner while only 37% of males preferred a shorter partner. So size seems to be more of an issue for women than men.

Now could it be that women see a correlation between a man's height and his capacity to satisfy a woman? In other words, taller men in our minds possess a greater capacity to gratify a woman while it is unthinkable in our minds that a shorter man would be able to please us physically. Of course this is fallacious! Or is it men?

While height appears to be an initial barrier in the minds of more women than men, what could help the vertically challenged man is a dam good personality. As a woman who is 5ft 9, if a short man met me out having a good time, he has 10-15 mins to establish reasons why I should overlook that he is just 5ft.

Are you charming? Do you smell nice? Are you generous? Are we compatible? The time we spend together-- am I able to forget that there is a significant height difference between us? If he can't, then its so so long midget. Yeah that's kind of superficial but we like what we like!

April 24th, 2022


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