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No ice in China!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Eating in China

by Sherrel Johnson

If you have never had a good relationship with eggs then you may want to add weight loss to your list of goals during your stay in China. For one thing there is no escape from the eggs which are a common ingredient in many soups, rice, and noodle recipes. Being allergic to eggs meant a great many meals were off limits to me. If you are from the Western hemisphere, everything you think you know about Chinese food throw that away! Vegetables are multipurpose and they will be served cold and hot; for breakfast and dinner. You should particularly make mushrooms and spinach your best friend for they will be served every time you eat without apology. The more you are exposed to the traditional Chinese food, the more you may conclude that it is a stark contrast to the Chinese food you were supposedly eating in The Bahamas or on the Western side of the world. I still have yet to wrap my mind around the baby prawns that stare you down the whole time you are at the dinner table. Or the whole turtle that sat floating in broth with its baby eggs. Everyone including me the bravest of them all upon first glance dared not touch it with a twenty foot pole. The turtle did not look and neither did it taste like the minced turtle we eat home in The Bahamas but we survived. So have an open mind. One thing is certain, traditional Chinese cuisine is only for those who are hungry at heart for adventure and have iron cast stomachs. Oh, and less I forget, travel with your own packets of sugar because tea is served unsweetened and hot at every meal. In fact every and all beverages, including juice, soda and beer will be served hot. Why? Lets just put it this way, with all the “gas” you will have on your first few days in China, you will be very happy for the tea!


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