Essay  Writing Basics

                        Types of Hooks

The introduction should wet the reader’s appetite and tell them where you wish to take them.

                  Anecdote (narrative vignette)

I walked proudly through the hallways of AMS, my new blue mohawk glistening magnificently in the florescent lighting of the hallway, but then I saw Mr. Caruthers.  I felt the wax in my hair start to melt.


Do schools have the right to tell kids how to dress?


For the past 300 years in this country, schools have been crushing the artistic freedom of students with oppressive dress codes!


At Centerville Middle School, a controversy is brewing.  Walk down the hallways, and amidst a tranquil sea of khaki pants and navy blue polo shirts, the blades of a fuchsia mohawk cut through the peaceful learning environment.         


“Give me liberty or give me death.”

  When was the last time you walked the streets in the early hours of the morning and felt safe doing so?(hook) Junkanoo, a Bahamian festival held every year on Boxing and New Years Day allows you to do just this.   It’s a celebration that dates back to Africa when according to legend, John Canoe an African tribal chief demanded the right to celebrate with his people even after being brought to the West Indies. (Background) Junkanoo has survived from slavery until now and Bahamians can be proud of these historical roots. (thesis)

                       Thesis Statement rules

                     Rules for writing the Thesis


1. Include a part of the topic

2. Use one of the following words like because, by, is, as a result, are, that

3. Include three discussion points

4. Use at least one sentence


                                       Sample Thesis

The Urban Renewal program is attacking crime at the root, by giving financial support to families,  developing adult community leaders and increasing police presence in the inner city.   

                                       A sample body paragraph


DirectionsUsing the color key, shade the parts of the body paragraphs below.

Color Key:      Blue = Topic Sentence

                        = Transitional words or phrases

                        Red=  Supporting Details

                    Types of Supporting Details Used 

  1. example

  2. Personal experience

  3. Fact 

                                  Sample Body Paragraph

                                     The effects of smoking

There are many reasons why people should not smoke marijuana. In the first case, chronic smokers often end up with lung cancer, a smoker’s cough or dying early. My uncle John, smoked five joints a day.  He never talked; he just smoked. Sometimes in even misses work. As a result, when it is time to pay the light bill or buy groceries, he never has any money to give. People smoke often ;neglecting their family.  Lastly, leading doctors claim that people who smoke often neglect their hygiene.  Clearly, because smoking has so many negative benefits smart people do not partake in it.