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Students need tons of support. We know first hand how overwhelming comprehension can be.  That is why our industry guru is centralizing the tools you need under one umbrella.  Lose the paper and say hello to digital educational content.     Ready to practice the language skills? On this page we cover: characterization, theme, summary writing, main idea, compare and contrast.   

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are Language Skills

The strategies good students

use to break down information so that main ideas are understood and interpreted. 

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1.Summary Writing

2. Context Clues

3.Author's Purpose


5. characterization


7.Cause and Effect 

8. Tone & Mood


10.Compare & Contrast

What is Characterization?


Show what the character looks like physically, is thinking mentally and how the character speaks.


Summary:  The doctor just told Jake he will never be able to run again. 


Assignment 1

(show how Jake responded to the news in three sentences)

Sadly, Jake refused to speak or even leave his room.  All he did was pace the room.  Then he exclaimed, “I wasn’t chosen but you all know I deserved to win” he broke down crying. 



Assignment 2

Hello, answered Jake.

Son I have some terrible news cried his daddy. 

What is it? asked Jake dreadfully. It’s your mother she was shot to death four hours ago.  (show how Jake responded to the news in three sentences)


On that day Jake's life changed forever and he was never the same again. 


Assignment 3

(Show Tom's reaction in three sentences) Tom looked down and saw paint on his new shoe’s and his Ralph Lauren shirt. 


  1.  Sentence 1:

  2.  Sentence 2:

  3. Sentence 3:  

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What is context clue?


There are four types of context clues: synonym, antonym, example and comparison and contrast. 


Type 1:  Antonym Clue

Example 1:  Although Tom was anxious about the test Tina was not worried at all.


Using the antonym clue, the word anxious in this sentence above means:     

A. forgetful                B. worried          C. calm      D.   not worried

Type 2:  Example Clue

Example 2:  Projectiles include those items that are shot forward such as a cannon shell, bullet, or rocket.

Using the example clue, the word projectiles in this sentence means:

A. things put down        B. things shot forward   C. things hurt    D. things broken


Type 3:  Synonym clue

Example 3:  His rancor, or hatred, of his brother has caused him to live his life as a lonely person.


Using the synonym clue, the word rancor in this sentence means:

A.     love  B.     generous            C.     tolerance  D.     hatred


Type 4: Explanation Clue

Example 4:  We could tell by the rotten smell, that something putrid was in  our trash can.

Using the explanation clue, the word putrid in this sentence means:

A.     ample        B.     alive  C.     rotten          D.   appealing


Type 5: Comparison and Contrast Clue

Context clues that show comparison include like, as, similar, and in the same way. Contrasts may be signaled by words such as but, although, however, and on the other hand.


Example 5

Sandra’s happy face was luminous, like the rays of the sun.

The clue word like in this sentence tells you that luminous means “shining” or “giving off light.”

Comprehension Skills

quoting versus paraphrasing - YouTube

quoting versus paraphrasing - YouTube
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quoting versus paraphrasing - YouTube

quoting versus paraphrasing - YouTube

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Identifying the Theme in Literature

Identifying the Theme in Literature

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Golden Fairy Tale Classics - Little Red Riding Hood (iPhone & iPod)

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How to Paraphrase

Paraphrasing  Steps 

Step 1:   Underline the important ideas.

Step 2:   Next, write synonyms for the underlined words in the sentence. 

Step  3:  Last, incorporate the new words in your rewrite.


1.  Perry Christie warned senior public servants that the Bahamas is in one of the most difficult and challenging economic periods in its history.


Paraphrase Example 

Perry Christie advised Government workers that the financial hardships the Bahamas is currently experiencing is the worst of its kind. 


2.  The Prime Minister warned that it will cost money for the government to introduce its new initiatives to maintain law and order.  [2]




3.  During the budget debate Mr. Christie spoke about being optimistic that there can be  a turn around in the economy.  [2]




4.  Dr. Patterson said, other challenges to the administration of justice in sexual assault cases include getting cases tried in a timely manner, and treating victims with sensitivity.  [2]


Word power

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